YouTube Music Conversion To iTunes

YouTube Music Conversion To iTunes

Modern technologies are capturing the world slowly. Whenever a new format is introduced, within no time the next level technology takes the position. There was a time when YouTube was introduced first, and people were reluctant to accept it. However, once they understood the advantage of it, things have changed in such a way that YouTube has become part of life. People have studied a lot from YouTube such as how to enter an URL or how to search for a specific thing which they need. Many sites such as encourage people to take advantage of the technology they have. With the entry of iPhone, people welcomed the most modern technology of saving their pictures in iCloud and playing music in iTunes. With the help of the computers, it is easy to save the music to iCloud with the help of YouTube.

There are some easy ways to convert or transfer the music to iTunes from YouTube. The first thing you need to do is to go to the YouTube Site and search for the clip or anything you want to transfer. A variety of sites will pop up if you search with a keyword. Select the correct one you were searching for. Once the video starts playing, you need to go to the address bar wherein you will be able to see the URL. Place the pointer on the address bar and copy the URL. To copy the URL, right-click on your mouse. There you will see different options. To transfer to iTunes, you need to click the copy option.

You should have an MP3 Converter installed on your system. Open the Mp3 Converted, and there you will see an option which says paste URL. Once you click on it, the URL you have copied from YouTube will be pasted there, and it will be added to the list of downloads. If you do not want to copy and paste the URL, there is also another option available wherein you can drag the URL and then drop it to the MP3 Converter. However, rather than doing this, the easier way is to copy and paste the URL to the desired window. The mp3 converter can recognize audio and video playlist. That means you can add more than one URL at the same time and it will be arranged accordingly by the MP3 Converter.

The next step is the configuration of iTunes options. If you have downloaded the iTunes in your system, then you can go to the preferences window. There will be an option to change to the audio input and later you will be taken to another tab which says Add to iTunes. You can select more than one file at a time and then click the select option.

Once these steps are over, go to the start button in the window and click it. This process will click start in converting the YouTube clips to iTunes formats. Once the conversion is over, then you can go and check the downloaded files to see whether all clips have been transferred or not.